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Sangita & Harry – Crowne Plaza Nottingham Wedding Photography


Crowne Plaza Nottingham Wedding Photography

On the 4th September…

I arrived to Sangita’s house at 6am to a warm welcome from her Mother and brother, ushering me into the back garden. A quick ‘good morning!’ from a very happy, well wrapped Bride to be (in a blanket!) Sangita from the patio door, before she came outside.

Sangita met Harry through volunteer work in the city – the Guru Nanak’s mission in Nottingham. A fantastic organisation that prepare and give out free meals to those who are in need of it several times a week.

Inside, a surprise delivery had arrived for the Bride  from the Groom –  a surprise breakfast! Such a sweet thought on what was to be a very busy morning of preparations.

As the makeup artists and hair dresser worked their magic on this already beautiful girl, she slowly transformed into a stunning bride – with smokey eyes, red lips and beautifully styled hair with spirals placed with precision.

Midway through bridal preparations – a loud noise could be heard from the bottom of the street heading towards us. It was of course the Groom, Harry, on a horse travelling this way, with family and friends playing dhols (drums) and dancing, cheering on this beautiful summers day.

Well wishes and gifts were exchanged between families, then we were heading to the Temple for the ceremony.

The temple was bright and so colourful – not only from the vibrant flowers by the front, but from every guests outfit – a rainbow among the crowd as everyone waited in excited anticipation for the Bride to arrive, Harry sitting at the front facing forward.

On seeing Sangita as she entered and sat down – a huge smile spread across his face, and she looked at him with a smirk.

Parents and other family members beamed with pride while tears of happiness were shed for this beautiful couple.

Harry and Sangita, newly wed, were given congratulations and showered with hugs and kisses, but not before a few more images were taken.

Heading towards the reception at the Crowne plaza, We took our couple shots with the natural light of the skylight windows, and downstairs in the lobby for a sophisticated feel.

Upstairs in the hotel room, Harry popped in to visit once Sangita had changed into a beautiful gold and blue dress, a huge grin on his face – bursting with happiness.

Downstairs in the reception room – the guests were eagerly awaiting for the couples arrival as two policemen (Harry’s colleagues) entered the ballroom to stand and salute, followed by the couple for their first dance – the music performed by the Groom’s brother playing the piano beautifully.

The cake was decorated with petals and pearl designs – once the cutting commenced, the music began and everyone hit the dance floor in between huge courses of beautiful food.

We headed out for more couple shots where Harry had asked Sangita to marry him – In the Nottingham Caves. As we approached the cave, a harpist was playing from inside – the perfect ambience for this magical day. The red light of the caves made the blues of the couples outfits pop even more – they looked almost otherworldly.

This couple have hearts of gold- true inspirations. Their hard work and compassion shows in all they do, and in the way they both met. We wish them the very best of luck and feel so honoured to have been a part of their beautiful wedding day.

Hue of Two x

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